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Custom Ceramics.
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We make ceramics easy.
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New or existing design?

No Problem.

We will guide you

through every step.

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Since 2010.

Welcome to Sun Enterprise. We provide ceramic machining to high-tech markets and utilize the latest methods in precision machining. We are experienced and qualified in many industries and offer solutions for the semiconductor, solar, flat panel, laser, power generation, paper, pump and piston and oil field industries.

Our high-volume production capacity ensures that we can fulfill your needs and provide on-time delivery for orders of any size. We provide ceramic grinding and CNC machining for materials such as quartz, alumina, zirconia, and more. Alumina, in particular, is a cost-effective solution, and its high-strength and chemical resistance has applications in semiconductor components and many other applications. Our ceramic engineers will help you select a proper material for your application and guide you from inception to completion.

We are proud to offer exceptional-quality ceramics with competitive pricing. Browse our website to learn more about our services, capabilities, and products. Contact us for more information on how we can provide effective solutions for all your quartz and ceramic machining needs.